Sex is my Quiet Place…

Over the years, the voices in my head never did go away. Instead, they grew louder and louder. After encountering my partner and getting to know him more, the voices began to quiet a little. But the closer I got to him, the more vicious the voices became. The only way I knew how to silence them was when he caressed me.

I craved his touch. I longed for his gaze into my eyes. I am addicted to his lips, his kisses, his scruff grazing my face as we moan into each other’s mouth. I love the way he would just take me and pick me up and lay me on the bed in one smooth, swift motion. Our tongues will dance and I just want to be a part of him, I beg for him to love me, to want me, to intertwine with me. I feel our souls connecting, me in my most vulnerable state, and him with all his masculinity embracing me.

He kisses my cheek, moves to my neck, teasing me. I writhe in ecstasy, wanting him to hurry up and enter me, but he refuses. He is having too much fun teasing me. His soft lips slowly travel down to my chest, as he reaches my breast, his tongue flicks back and forth on my nipple. All I could feel is the wetness building up and oozing out of my vagina. Goosebumps begin to form all over my body, being extra sensitive to wherever his tongue would graze.

The tongue slowly makes its way down to my abdomen. He uses his finger to feel the wetness as he’s looking up at my expression. My eyes close, trying my very best to not orgasm from just his tongue’s motion. When he makes his way to my wet mound, he separates my labia and slowly flicks his tongue on my clitoris. I arch my back, not able to contain the pleasure I feel. I moan, “Oh, baby. I like the way you lick my clit. I am so wet for you.” I could clearly tell that my verbal moans was making his rock-hard dick even harder.


“Baby, you taste so sweet. You are so wet for me.”

“I am wet for you, just hurry up and fuck me.”

“No baby, I want to enjoy this moment, you are so wet, I can’t get enough of you.”

He flicks his tongue on my clitoris quicker, with a little more force. This drove me crazy, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was going to cum. As he feels my body tensing up, he stops.

“NOOOO! I was going to cum! Why did you…?!”

Before I finished the sentence, he begins sucking on my clit.

“Fuck! Fuckkkkkk. I am going to cum!” The tension grew more and more. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Baby, I am going to cum! Oh Fuckkkk!” As a wave of my juices began squirting, he began licking it over and over. I was lost in ecstasy and pleasure. The orgasm was so powerful that my body began twitching more and more as he continued to lick my clit. My mound began to feel sensitive, I began shaking and shuddering, feeling another orgasm building up.

This time, he didn’t allow that orgasm to happen, he quickly got up and with his rock-hard penis, forcibly entered me, kissing me as he thrusted. He brought my arms up over my head and held them down with his hands. God, this man was fucking sexy, His chest, his arms, his strength, I could never get enough of this man. He thrusted with more force as I began kissing his neck, nibbling on his ear lobes.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Your cock is all I want, it’s so hard for me.”

As he thrusted his hips in and out with more strength, my wet pussy began getting wetter. He could feel the wet juices oozing out of me as he kept pushing into my vagina. In, Out. In, Out. God, I couldn’t take it any longer, I felt the tension building again. I was going to cum.

“Oh myyyy Goooddd, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop. Oh babyyy!”

With that cue, he thrusted even faster and harder, the wave of intense pleasure overtook my body as I screamed, “I’m cummingggg, I’m cummingggg!” My whole being began to float in pleasure that felt so good, I was numb from head to toe. I began shaking as he continued to thrust into me. The orgasm kept coming, oozing even more juices than before. He felt the contraction of my vagina walls squeezing his dick as contraction after contraction came with the orgasm.

He pulled out, pulled my legs to the edge of the bed and told me to turn over. He entered me from behind. Grasping both breasts with his hands and thrusting me from behind, I could feel every inch of his cock. He slapped my ass, which turned me on even more. This doggie-style position was one of his favorites. He could feel the entire length of his cock deep within my warm, wet pussy.

“Baby.. It’s so deep.. Gosh, your cock is so big. You like fucking my tight pussy? It’s all wet for you. You make me so horny. I like it when you fuck me like that.”

I could tell that my loud moans and dirty talking was driving him insane. He thrusted faster and harder. God, his cock was so big. I could feel him loosening my pussy up. It was wet for him, my pussy was his, and his cock was mine. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. I knew he was close.


As he thrusted deeper and harder, he moaned, “Baby, I’m going to cummm…”

I could feel another orgasm building up again. I’m going to hold it until he cums, I loved it when we cum together. It was so sensual, so passionate, like our souls were linked. I was in my most vulnerable state, pleasure and insecurity all at once, yet he didn’t care. In that moment, he only saw me as his woman, and he was my man.

“Cum for me baby! I want you to cum inside of me. I want your cum to fill up my pussy. Cum for me baby! I love it when you cum inside of me. I love your big cock inside of me. You make me so horny. I am so wet for you.”

As if right on cue, “I’m gonna cum, baby!”

Feeling my own orgasm coming, “I’m cumming again! I’m gonna cum again, baby!”

As he began ejaculating and I felt his warm, slippery cum fill me, I started shaking with another intense orgasm. I was shaking and shuddering like I was having a seizure as wave after wave of pleasure took control over my body. I could feel my body falling onto the bed while my vagina continued to clench his cock. He drops on top of me and kisses my left cheek from behind.

We held that position for awhile. This was my favorite part of sex, when we were both struck with pleasure and now we were laying there in our vulnerable states, just enjoying the warm heat from the intensity of the orgasm. We were breathing hard, with sweat on both our bodies.

“I love you, honey.” I whispered.

In my ears, he softly said, “I love you, too, baby.”

The voices in my head were finally silent. I figured out that the only time the voices within my mind quieted down as if they never existed, was when he made love to me. Most times when the voices were too loud for me to bear, I would get horny, just to silent them. He figured out my motive, yet he continued to pleasure me over and over again.

I loved him, he saved me, from not only the demons inside of me, he saved me from myself. He protected me from the fears that I had, he conformed into being my knight. He told me to never be afraid, that he was there for me, that we could fight these demons together. I didn’t have much hope, but because I loved this man so much, I believed that I could one day conquer these demons, with him by my side.

But for now, sex was the only other option I had…

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