Repentance is a tricky subject to discuss about, what may be sinful to you might not be sinful to me. Your God may not be the same God that I worship, or maybe you don’t worship a God at all. Some people’s actions may be wrong to you, but may not be wrong to me, like something as simple as meat. Some religions do not allow the consumption of it, believing that it’s morally wrong to kill an animal to eat it, while others believe that beef, pork, chicken, or lamb are a vital part of the nutrients that we devour. Because of these differences, our ideals are based on how we were raised, or how we assimilated to the various countries or cultures of society.

Take for example, in some countries, looting could be an every day thing; while in others, it could result in jail time. So what defines the standards of society for what is morally right or wrong? Is it when the majority of the population agrees on a particular subject matter and forces us to follow it, making it the foundations of our norm? What about bullying? We know for a fact that it is wrong and unacceptable, but yet, people still do it. Any form of abuse, whether it be physical, mental, social, or even emotional, could be considered bullying. Since when was bullying considered unethical? In some countries, a group of people that bully others could be considered a gang, but maybe in others, gangs were formed to protect what dignity is left of their country.

Army, Navy, Air Force, and all other military personnel that align together with a common purpose of sacrificing their lives to protect their country, is that wrong? If you or your family served in the military, of course it isn’t wrong. But what if our military is fighting to acquire goods for our country? Does that still make it right? Well, it all depends on what perspective you’re relating to. Let’s say North Carolina and Florida are two different countries. FL is defending their goods from NC, which makes FL morally acceptable to fight back in order to defend its goods, but at the same time, NC is running out of goods for its people, so which is right or wrong? When is it okay to commit a sin? When is it okay to do wrong for the greater good? When is it wrong to harm others for our pleasure and enjoyment?

This site will tell you about the various individuals whom had committed actions worthy of sin. At the same time, I will introduce to you the various aspects of my life that transpired as a result of those that did the harm.

Welcome to my past, my present, and my future. Welcome to iRepentance, the place where my sinners refuse to show repentance for their crimes.

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